Saturday 20 October 2012

My Edited Posts Re-appear in the Portal

We have had contact from several people (thanks very much) alerting us to the fact that posts reappear in the portal whenever they've been edited, and asking what can be done to stop flooding it with multiple posts.

At the moment the portal is inhibited by my absolute lack of knowledge about any of this stuff.  I am learning quite quickly I think, but not quickly enough obviously!   I currently have no way of preventing edited posts from re-appearing and I can't put a time on when this might happen.

In the meantime, could we simply ask for assistance, by requesting that if old posts are to be edited, that they are limited to no more than two or three every twelve hours or so.

We also need to ask for the general community to show some tolerance to this, although if any blog whether by accident or intent does "flood" the portal with an excessive number of images, it will be removed for a 24 hour period to allow me to correct the problem manually.


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